A Jonz Adventure

Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles

Most recent visit: May, 2003
Previous visits: April 1997, April 1998, March-April 2000, April-May 2001 and May 2002

  Batchelor's Beach Bonaire, N.A.Bonaire is an arid island with desert vegetation. There is flat terrain in the south, and hills in the north. It possesses an ironstone coastline with no runoff which results in it being surrounded by clear turquoise waters containing magnificent coral formations and a variety of marine life. Bonaire is 'banana-shaped' - about 22 miles long and 3 to 5 miles wide, and is located about 75 miles north of Venezuela.
To the west of Bonaire, and directly west of the main town/harbor of Kralendijk, is the small island of Klein Bonaire, a 1,500 acre circular island with a fringing reef. Klein Bonaire is uninhabited and has many beaches and several coves.

Caution divers!Both islands are scuba diving havens, but one could spend weeks diving just around just "Klein".

  Red Slave Bonaire, N.A.The first picture above is of Bachelor's Beach -- about 1 kilometer south of the airport runway. It is atypical of the beaches on Bonaire, in that it has a wee bit of sand at the 'surf line' (not that there is any surf on Bonaire.) To the right is a more typical Bonaire 'beach'. This is just south of Red Slave and the 'beach' is composed of coral cobbles -- from thumb-sized up to zucchini-sized. It is because of this that the water just offshore from these sites is pristine. The clarity is such that, on many days, you can see further underwater than you can above water.

  Boka Onima (east coast of Bonaire, N.A.)The coastline is even more stark (and inhospitable) on the eastern and southern shores. The eastern shore is exposed to prevailing on-shore winds and the open Atlantic. There are periods of 'not normal' weather - when the winds die down and/or shift from the West - that produce conditions where diving becomes available on these shores. Even at that, access by boat is the only practical way.
  Boka Onima (east coast of Bonaire, N.A.)It's probably not that easy to see in this picture, but the incessant pounding of the ironstone coastline produces pick-like projections that become even more severe as you get closer to the water's edge. You would not want to negotiate your way into the water while wearing scuba gear here! And, if you ever got banged against the shoreline by the waves -- whoa!!

  Happy Holiday Homes bungalowThis is a picture of our 'bungalow' at Happy Holiday Homes. We have stayed here every time we have gone to Bonaire, 4 times in the last 5 years. The units are fully equipped for cooking. There is a wonderful patio, clothes lines in back for drying gear, and an air-conditioned bedroom. All the comforts of home -- except we don't need air conditioning at home!
  Jonz on patio at HHHHere is a self-portrait of us enjoying our patio.


Picture of donkeysFrom the patio, we watch the clouds and a variety of birds. And, the donkeys usually visit for a handout.


All the pictures (except for the second one at the top) on this page are digital pictures from our Kodak DC-280 ZOOM.
These images were then shrunk and compressed for 'snappy' web response.
The second picture was scanned, cropped and compressed from a disposable Kodak panoramic camera.

  Karel's Beach BarThis is a picture of Karel's Beach Bar taken from the Zeezicht Restaurant's front porch -- harbor-side in Kralendijk.
  zodiacs parked at Karel's pier
From out on the Karel's Beach Bar pier we can see the zodiacs tied-up from the various boats in the harbor.

  Kralendijk, Bonaire, N. A.Here we have a couple of street scenes from Kralendijk.
  Kralendijk, Bonaire, N. A.
Kralendijk is a great town/harbor to walk around in. There are many shops and a variety of restaurants.


The background color here is the closest to pink that we could get -- and make all browsers happy. 'Tis in honor of Bonaire's favored bird: The Pink Flamingo.

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