Jonesy, W3DHJ    Pueblo, Colorado

Amateur Radio W3DHJ W3DHJ - Colo License PLate Grid Square DM78rf

Amateur Radio Station W3DHJ • Jonesy, DM78rf • near Pueblo, Colorado.Bug

"So," you might ask, "Why is it  Jonesy, W3DHJ, Colorado?"
Well, click here and I'll tell you.
There are only six 'features' anchored off this web site for now:
6M Halo - HomeBrew at 75 MPH!6M Halo - HomeBrew at 75 MPH!
The construction of a sturdy mobile Six Meter Halo antenna from mostly scrounged and "re-purposed" materials.
VHF Contest RoverVHF Contest Rover: DM77 - DM78 - DM87 - DM88
A look at my modest VHF Contest Rover operation in several rare and semi-rare grid squares on the high plains of S.E. Colorado.
Using Cable TV HardLineUsing Cable TV HardLine
Often scrap lengths (up to 100' or more) of 1/2" and 3/4" aluminum-clad CATV hardline can be had for free from the local cable tv company. Here are some techniques for making connectors and some ideas on usage.
Yaesu G-450XL Problem - RepairYaesu G-450XL Problem/Repair
Solving a problem where the azmiuth display was inoperative on my G-450XL rotator.
Mirage B3016 preamp replacementMirage B3016 preamp replacement
One solution to the total loss of smoke in the Mirage B3016's factory-installed pre-amp -- and, perhaps many others.
Mirage B3016 preamp replacementlinux scripts for radio amateurs  
A (small) collection of scripts (programs) that I have written for linux and freeBSD.

Pin-point my QTH (DM78rf) and see if I need to throw my coax out the shack window:
W3DHJ WX and QTH map W3DHJ QTH and WX
ARRL - Amateur Radio Relay League OM International Sideband Society Rocky Mountain VHF+ The linux operating system
Constructive comments and/or discussions: email graphic for W3DHJ
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